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January 7, 2010

Twitter, a magic wand on the internet. It is a method to decimate what you are thinking or about the things you are involved with to your followers. It is just a ‘now’ technology. It is valid for the moment. If that magic moment is passed the value of that information ceases its importance. Twitter asks you to broadcast “What is happening?”. That is simply put ‘what is your micro action?’. Till a few days ago Twitter’s tag line was “What are you doing?.

The information that you broadcast on twitter may not be important to the other people. The Tweep is sending out a piece of information that he thinks important to others. Going by this logic it is apparent that Tweeping is for self gratification. It is simply an outlet for ego rides. Any other uses of Twitter are a by-products of this.

Notwithstanding what is said about Twitter, it is addictive. It makes you think that you are ‘important’.


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