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Indian Pipe

April 27, 2009

The story is a steel mill worker raised hue and cry seeing a stockpile of made in India steel pipes to be used in the Canada-US oil pipeline. That galvanized the whole town to be mobilsed, and rightly so, because the steel mill in this area was closed for more than three months for want of orders.

Now the question is not what is morally right, but in these days of global trade these things happen. Businesses try to maximize thier profits. Use competitive raw materials, cut cost by using efficient labor and employing cutting edge managerial practices. In this process a lot of people get hurt. But during the days of plenty there is a place for being generous, live and let live.

But now is not the time for large heartedness. Slumdogs cannot be given any quarters, without hurting our ‘wellness’. When the jobs are scares and the paypackets are shrinking, we have to look after our own. Protectionism is the key word in developed countries rather than in developing countries.


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