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Roger Federer

June 8, 2009

My best tennis player is Pete Sampras. Not only for his tennis prowess, but his whole personality. A quiet, solid player. No exhibitionist. For me he will always be at the top along with Bjorn Borg.

And second is Roger Federer. Federer is one player that I wanted to succeed. For the last three years when he lost French Open, I secretly craved that he would win. Even when he lost Wimbledon, I felt that he should have won and made a record, though I would like Bjorn Borg to have a special place in tennis history.

So far the success at the French Open was eluding him. For the last three years he came so close to success, but Rafael Nadal was a wall between him and success. It was felt that he can never defeat Nadal at Roland Garros. And it may remain so forever.

Then Soderling defeats the Reigning king. And see what happens, a new star is born.

Roger became one of the greatest sports persons in the world.


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