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March 24, 2009

Tatas of India have unveiled a car that may set the trend for the car industry in the future. All over the world the car industry is undergoing tremendous changes. There is production cuts, and the brands going under. Automakers loose cash and cut employees. There is demand for compact cars with ease of drive and light on pocket. Nano might be the answer.

The supercheap compact car is aimed at the developing world’s millions of motorcycle owners with four-wheel dreams. The Nano may even attract more than the “starter” market because of the economic slowdown. It may even attract a 18 year old, who likes his own 4-wheel drive. It is for small families with big dreams.

Environmentalists, however, have decried the Nano as an impending disaster. The success of Nano may clog the infrastructure of developing world.

But the Nano will allow the whole family of four to travel, “more comfortably and safely” than on a motorbike.


Mukhtar Mai marries

March 17, 2009

Mukhtar Mai married on Sunday last.

Makhtar Mai, a Pakistani woman, was raped in 2002 by four men to punish her for what they claimed was her 13-year-old brother’s alleged affair with a woman above his class.  Mai broke the silence on a system that allowed tribal elders in her village to order her gang-rape as a punishment. Her biography becoming a best-seller, US magazine Glamour named her Woman of the Year 2006.

In Pakistan, using rape to restore a family’s honour is not unusual. After her ordeal, she has opened a school and has launched a chain of women’s crisis centres in Pakistan. Mai launched a battle against the practice, and against oppression of women.

Mukhtar Mai signed the marriage contract on Sunday with a head constable in the Southern part of Punjab province, becoming his second wife. She had passed up several offers of marrieage in the past.

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