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Chinese Loan

March 15, 2009

China is holding $727.4 billion in US Treasury Bonds at the end of 2008.  This amount is just ahead of Japan which holds $626 bn.

The White House spokesperson has to recently reassure Chinese that “There is no safer investment in the world than in the US.”

Naturally as the largest lender China is a bit worried about the recent developments in the US economy and needs assurances from the Treasury Officials.

Loss of confidence in US Govenment Bonds will be a disaster, that US may not able to withstand.


Simply Life

March 14, 2009

There is nothing particular in these write ups. Whenever there is a need to shout, cry, love, laugh, criticize, poke I intend to update this. When I am lazy, when there is nothing to do, when I find something funny.

Anything is acceptable, limited only by 160 words.

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