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Lebanon Votes

June 6, 2009

Lebanon votes on Sunday.

Though it is a Parliamentary democracy, it has adopted a system called confessionalism. A unique system in the world, where it tries to minimize sectarian conflict by giving fair representation to all the recognized religious groups in governance.

Historically, Lebanon was part of Ottoman empire, after the World War I it was given to France. It attained independence in 1943. And the Christian majority was able to garner major power in the Government. Under the system the President is to be a Christian, Prime Ministership is given to Sunni Muslims and Speaker of the Parliament is to be a Druze/Shia Muslim, deputy speaker to be a Greek Orthodox.

But demography of the nation started changing after independence. The birth rate of poor muslims increased exponentially. The poorer Muslim population increased faster than the richer Christians. This gave raise to dissatisfaction with the government structure and sectarian rifts increased, eventually leading to Taif, Saudi Arabia agreement in 1990 where the power of Christian president was drastically reduced and Muslim Prime Minister became the power centre.


Life after Death

May 20, 2009

LTTE is dead. One of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world, found its match in Sri Lankan army and it was smithered into ashes. LTTE fought with the government for Tamilian’s socalled equality and dignity. In this process it became one of the most hated organizationsin the world. Finally, it was left with no freinds. Only a cause and few sympathisers.

Along with the thousands of lives that LTTE claimed, two will always be remembered.  One is of President Ramadasa and other Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Both fell for suicide killers of LTTE. Both were involved in solving the Tamil problem.

The path that LTTE was treading is not relevant today. Instead of negotiating and finding a political solution it tried to muscle-in a government. The government after fighting with its back against the wall for 25 years, came down very heavily.  And then there was destruction.

Now what happens to legitimate grievances of Tamilians in Sri Lanka? Will it die down or will it give raise to another form of LTTE? Depends on Sri Lankan government.

Death by Drones

May 8, 2009

The use of drones by US military in the Pakistani mountains has angered the populace of Pakistan. It is almost a cruel act by a war machine. The Pakistani mountain villages that rarely saw a car are now the targets of pilotless drones – a deadly toy in remote controlled war. The pilots are sitting in control rooms located in distant Arizona or Nevada. They are trained on computer games, to have absolutely no conscience or sense of responsibility. Nothing is lost if they make a mistake, except loosing some points in a game. They just push the buttons to release the bombs by Predator and Reaper drones to rain on the targets. The pilots are far removed from the reality on the ground or hardly acquainted with the cultural athos of the people whom they are targeting. The pilots have been asked to participate in a game, just play.

How these pilots can have a normal life after this? However hardly a psychologist tries to help them shake off any feelings of guilt or shame?

Minor Divorce

May 3, 2009

The divorce of an eight year old girl married to a man in his fifties in Saudi Arabia made headlines in newspapers in recent times. It is a real tragedy that the marriage was considered legal in modern times. The marriage that took place according to some tribal sanctions of 7th century can not be held as legal. The times have changed, the customs and thinking is modern and does not permit minors to get into wedlocks. Therefore, the marriage should have been declared null and void: that it did not take place at all. That would have given the society that is enscloved in 7th century a jolt and bring them into reality. But that did not happen.

These matters should be taken up by NGO’s working in Child betterment field. In all over the world these organizations are trying to educate people about the benefits of sending the children to school and making them responsible citizens. These NGO’s should focus their attention to these closed Societies in the middle east.

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