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Brutal Control

October 30, 2010

China’s “one family – one child” policy results in 13 million abortions every year. Many of these abortions take place under the pressure from authorities. Demographic restrictions are still in effect in China despite the country’s impressive economic growth: family couples are still legally prohibited from having more than one child.

Violating the demographic law stipulates serious penalties in China: a fine of up to $40,000, dismissal from work and confiscation of property. Women can even be sterilized, if they become pregnant repeatedly.

Thirteen million abortions a year is a terrifying number, although many independent medical experts say that the real state of affairs in China is even more shocking. According to the World Health Organization, every 1,000 Chinese females aged from 15 to 44 make 24 abortions on average. In 2003, there were 42 million abortions conducted in the world, and 9 million of them were performed in China.

Its very heart breaking to see so many lives are simply extinguished before they see the light.

At what cost progress?

There are ways to attain goals without committing murders.


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