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Gay Marriage

May 21, 2009

Marriage is a social sanction to propagate the human race. Marriage sanctions the rights and obligations of the partners, by which the family can function, raise responsible adults and carry out the divine will. Society is a bunch of people, loosely knit, binding by some rules so social-world can revolve. If we look at the origins of marriage it is developed by the society as an institution to legalize the relations between a man and his wife so that they can come together to live and raise a family. The central theme of marriage is raising a family. Procreation.

Logical reasons can not be given while arguing for marriage among the gays. The main reason for marriage is procreation, then question of gay marriage does not arise at all. Gays will have rights and they may have some unique problems that modern society has to acknowledge and provide for, but relationship between two gays can be anything but a marriage.


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