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Recession and God

April 4, 2009

Recession leads the people to God. More and more people are turning to God in these hard times. A recent report in USA Today says that the people flocking to churches of every denomination has increased many folds. Pleas to church for help by unemployed has made pastors even to reach into their own pockets.

A Survey, by LifeWay Reasearch, a Christian polling firm based in Nashville, finds that 40% of pastors say they have church members out of work, and 37% say their church has increased spending to help the needy. Some churches have initiated special ministries to help unemployed.

The Religion is a solace to the people in trouble. It always gave strength to the downtrodden. Religion gives moral strength to face difficulties. Christ has the power to heal, dispense hope, and guide to blissful future. Some researchers trace the religion itself to fear factors. But one thing is sure, at times of difficulties, when one do not know where to turn for help: Religion helps.


Advertising Lifeline

March 25, 2009

Many of the internet services that we adore today depend on advertising i.e. YouTube, FriendFeed, FaceBook, WordPress to name a few. They provide the best of services, while generating income through advertisements. The advertising industry has flourished throwing a lifeline to internet development. Many users tolerate these advertisements as a necessary disturbance.

Recently the experts have opined that the internet advertising is ineffective, it is rapidly losing its value and impact. And if the internet advertising fails, many of these free services will face a bleak future. These services will have to be supported either by donations or subscriptions. This may not be a good idea for the sustained growth of internet.

I am not pessimistic though, remember how paper was going to disappear computers came along, or that radio would disappear?

But the serious question here is advertising on the internet going to die? If so, what will replace it?

Are the days of free lunch on internet numbered?

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