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Harnessing Knowledge

May 13, 2009

In today’s competitive world, having knowledge is of little consequence. One should know how to effectively to use the knowledge that he has for his and others benefit. Indeed, accumulation of knowledge is an overwhelming task in today’s world. One up on the others is very difficult. In these days of internet and other progressive ways of knowledge dissemination, everything, or almost everything is available for all those who make some efforts to gain it. It definitely, reduces the value of knowledge per se.

Knowledge is accumulation, analysis,  synthesis and dissemination of information. Accumulation is gathering information from different sources, analysis is breaking that information into different part so that one understands it, synthesis is putting it all back into a cohesive piece of thought, then comes the important part of dissemination of the knowledge for the benefit of all.

Therefore, what makes the imparting of knowledge effective is how you use it to gain from it. An effective person is one, that uses his limited knowledge to get the most out of it.


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