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Niqaab – Arab Culture

June 10, 2010

Universally people find niqaab (the face veil) and the head to toe black garb that usually accompanies it sinister, frightening and repulsive. As it symbolizes Islam, it makes them recoil from Islam.

The full covering of face is originated from Arab culture. As per learned scholars it is not made compulsory in Islam. As the Islam is deep rooted in Arabic culture, the Muslims world over tried to adopt it.

Today, it is taken as a political statement. The women, in the western countries, generally wear it to show their defiance to the authority of Western Civilization in their own backyard.

The muslimahs who advance the conservative views on female affairs, are adamant that they wear niqaab. In fact it is a facet of fundamental Islam, where one want to stick to the stricter aspects of Islam.

Any progressive “think-process” would have definitely scrapped this medieval system. But not Islam, it requires a big push from outside to reform. And the outer world is hesitating.


Death of Free Europe

May 16, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI warned the abortion and gay marriages may bring the human race to the brink.

This message was delivered by the Pope in Fatima, an important pilgrimage centre in Europe for Christians. The message is a clear warning for Europe, mend your ways else loose your characteristic.

His message is very relevant for the Christian Europe. The birth ratio of Christians in Europe is below the sustainable level. The rapid decrease in the birth rate of Christians and increase in population of Muslims in the form of immigration and natural increase will change the demographics of Europe.

The Christian characteristics of Europe is under threat. The changing mind set and liberal abortion and gay marriages will further put pressure on Christian population. And in a democratic setup it is the number that is counted. As the plurality tends towards Islam, the Europe as we know will not exist.

This will be the end of free Europe.


January 13, 2010

Distant lands always beckoned the hungry trying to find a better life. In the recent past, Arabian Gulf has been an attraction for the people from all over the world. Generally, lowest of low jobs are offered to the workers from the Indian subcontinent. The salaries are low and living conditions horrible for these workers.

Habib Hussain was one such brave heart, who ventured out to realize his dreams. He reached Saudi Arabia in pursuit of happiness, but now he says he was duped by unscrupulous agents who forced him to work without pay.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst Human Rights records. Its history is replete with stories of extreme ill treatment of foreign workers. Maids committing suicide, trying to jump from higher floors to avoid ill treatment by their employers, on the other side there were cases of amputation by the employers for deficiency in quality of work.

But Habib, to escape from “bonded slavery” hid in the plane’s toilet, ticketless and flew to freedom.

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