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Marrying a Rapist

October 22, 2010

The erstwhile Chief Justice of India ruled this March that “A woman should be allowed to have a baby out of rape and/or marry the man and drop the rape charge if SHE SO WISHES.”

There are two things involved here. First is punishment to a crime, second helping the wronged to lead a normal life.

Discussing the punishment for a crime: what is suggested?  Is marrying with the girl he raped is punishment enough for a rapist? Is a rapist fit to marry the girl? This may encourage criminals to rape someone they like to marry but beyond them.

Will the Indian society help the victim to lead a normal life?  The stigma on the girl is so cruel in Indian Society, that she may not find a man to marry her.  So she may be encouraged, willing to marry the man who committed that heinous crime against her. Psychological wreck that she is, will she ever recover without good counselling?

Pathetic. But it is simply life.


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