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Olympic Torch

April 4, 2009

It is a sad day for the world community. World is rolling under recession, it would have definitely cheered by some festivities, some symbols of universal brotherhood. But the IOC has decided to scrap Olympic torch relays outside the host country ahead of Olympic Games. The decision is based on the chaos created by Tibetan and human right supporters during the relays of Beijing Olympics.

The torch is passed through most of the countries of the world to inspire and to encourage participation by the countries. It is taken as a goodwill uniting the world. The Olympics is a binding force of humanity.

But lately it is used as a protesting tool. Boycott of the games during cold war period, political massacres as in Munich, cold shouldering as in Beijing has diminished the importance of Olympics as an unifier.

Now it is the time that World raises above the divisive forces and unites behind some symbols. But the demise of Olympic Torch relays bellys that hope.


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