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Gift from Life

September 10, 2009

The following verse, that I had collected since long caught my eye while cleaning my disk.  Thought I would share it here.

This has a curious attraction, life gives us something else along with what we want.  Poet has described it so subtly, smoothly, touchingly. I liked it very much.

Life is a two sided coin always
When I picked up one
Unnoticed the other side came
Part and parcel.
And oh! I said, but I did not ask for this
Life smiled at me and said,
But child you dearly wanted that.

So that is what life is. In retrospect, humans do not gain anything or they lose anything. Life is a double edged sword, it takes in one hand, but remember it compensates you as well.  So, do not lose hope, or get discouraged when the troubles strike you along with streaks of fortune.


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