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January 7, 2010

Twitter, a magic wand on the internet. It is a method to decimate what you are thinking or about the things you are involved with to your followers. It is just a ‘now’ technology. It is valid for the moment. If that magic moment is passed the value of that information ceases its importance. Twitter asks you to broadcast “What is happening?”. That is simply put ‘what is your micro action?’. Till a few days ago Twitter’s tag line was “What are you doing?.

The information that you broadcast on twitter may not be important to the other people. The Tweep is sending out a piece of information that he thinks important to others. Going by this logic it is apparent that Tweeping is for self gratification. It is simply an outlet for ego rides. Any other uses of Twitter are a by-products of this.

Notwithstanding what is said about Twitter, it is addictive. It makes you think that you are ‘important’.



May 30, 2009

Ones signature represents his pride. Signature is taken as a seal of approval of the person. But it also exhibits the person. It is said that the character of a person can be gauged by looking at his signature. It generally caters to the exhibitionist tendencies of the person. He tries to show as much of himself as possible.

We affix the signature to authenticate something, to declare to the world that we approve that bears our signature. At the same time we are asking the world to approve us.

Now we have the means to approve electronically all Official Electronic Communications, that apart, we generally sign off emails, and other personal communications in a flourish. Generally we put name, title, company name and then there is a tendency to attach interesting jokes, quotes and other colorful items. This exhibits the character of the person. He is trying to tell something more than what contains in the main message, in his sign-off.

The signature is our most common personal billboard.

Civilian Coup

March 16, 2009

Pakistan is undergoing changes in its political system. These changes are brought about through a civilian movement. A democratic compulsion has made the government to act in a fashion that may change Pakistan forever.

This is a tussle of egos of  three people Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Iftikar Chaudhary. All the protagonists of this drama have tasted the wrath of Army under Musharaf and have been toughened by it. Therefore, the army has been sidelined in this evolution. Gen. Kayani is asked to do whatever is expected of him. But the civilian officers and police have joined with the political leadership, that may not be good sign for the future. Executive branch of the Government should be apolitical for the functioning of the democratic government.

In the future, this government will have to face some diabolic changes, in all the three branches of democracy – Judiciary, Executive and Political. Wishing Pakistanis all the best.

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