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January 13, 2010

Distant lands always beckoned the hungry trying to find a better life. In the recent past, Arabian Gulf has been an attraction for the people from all over the world. Generally, lowest of low jobs are offered to the workers from the Indian subcontinent. The salaries are low and living conditions horrible for these workers.

Habib Hussain was one such brave heart, who ventured out to realize his dreams. He reached Saudi Arabia in pursuit of happiness, but now he says he was duped by unscrupulous agents who forced him to work without pay.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst Human Rights records. Its history is replete with stories of extreme ill treatment of foreign workers. Maids committing suicide, trying to jump from higher floors to avoid ill treatment by their employers, on the other side there were cases of amputation by the employers for deficiency in quality of work.

But Habib, to escape from “bonded slavery” hid in the plane’s toilet, ticketless and flew to freedom.


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