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Marrying a Rapist

October 22, 2010

The erstwhile Chief Justice of India ruled this March that “A woman should be allowed to have a baby out of rape and/or marry the man and drop the rape charge if SHE SO WISHES.”

There are two things involved here. First is punishment to a crime, second helping the wronged to lead a normal life.

Discussing the punishment for a crime: what is suggested?  Is marrying with the girl he raped is punishment enough for a rapist? Is a rapist fit to marry the girl? This may encourage criminals to rape someone they like to marry but beyond them.

Will the Indian society help the victim to lead a normal life?  The stigma on the girl is so cruel in Indian Society, that she may not find a man to marry her.  So she may be encouraged, willing to marry the man who committed that heinous crime against her. Psychological wreck that she is, will she ever recover without good counselling?

Pathetic. But it is simply life.


Dogs Life

October 19, 2010

A teacher at an engineering college in Karjat, near Mumbai, India, who sold answer sheets to students and let them write exams at his house, was busted by his wife when she approached the local police with documents and shocking details of his “answer-sheets-for-cash” scam.

Husband and wife knew each other from their collage days and grew up together. They married on 14th of July this year. But she was shocked to see her husband in this crooked, fraudulent activity and opposed it vehemently. But the husband had no intention of stopping it.

She refused to accept the money thus earned and was physically handled by her husband for this. That’s when she decided to go to the police and leave him.

Husband and wife had opposing view points, and society got rid of a very dangerous, corrupt activity.

“My father is also a government servant and never took a single penny in bribe. My conscience just did not allow me to be a mute spectator” this is all she wanted to say.


October 19, 2010

A court in Saudi Arabia refused permission to a 43 year old lady doctor to marry her colleague, because her parents opposition.

The woman had sought the court’s help to marry a doctor in the hospital where she worked, saying her father and brothers were against the union because of tribal incompatibility. Her lawyer said the judge had blinded himself to the woman’s plight and wishes while he cited passages from the Qur’an to back his own judgment.

But the judge accused her of being disobedient to her father and ordered her to return home. She has been living in a women’s shelter for two years, and says she faces abuse from her father at his home.

“I have been prevented from marrying for 10 years now, and my case has been in the Medina court for five years, I will turn 43 in a few months. I don’t have many years left to build a family and have children.”

But that is life in a tribal society.

Ancient Law, bypassed.

June 15, 2010

As part of Islamic law, men and women are forbidden to be alone together, unless they are blood relatives or have established maternal relations, in order to prevent sexual contact.

As a way to avoid breaking this rule – which can result in lashings or prison time – Sheikh Al Obeikan, adviser to the royal court and consultant to the Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia, told Gulf News that women should give their breast milk to male colleagues, acquaintances or anyone with whom they come into regular contact.

“The man should take the milk, but not directly from the breast of the woman,” Al Obeikan said, according to Gulf News. “He should drink it and then becomes a relative of the family, a fact that allows him to come in contact with the women without breaking Islam’s rules about mixing.”

While Al Obeikan advises that milk should be pumped and then given in a glass, another Saudi sheik, Abi Ishaq Al Huwaini, argues that men should suckle directly.

Simple Truth

June 13, 2010

The foremost thing in blogging is catching readers attention. Most bloggers do this by captivating pictures and a dashing caption. But once reader starts reading, its the matter contained keeps him going. A recent study has revealed that the blog readers on an average read only about 360 words in a blog. The rest of it they just skip. Therefore, it is imperative to bloggers to keep their message real short and to the point.  In fact, this short messaging can be used quite effectively to divulge anything one want to.

The second important point made in this study is that the readers comprehend only about 60% of what is written, however simple it may be.

So I am warned.

Enuf is Enuf, Enough is too much

June 12, 2010

During the recent National Spelling Bee contest, demonstrators from the American Literacy Council and the London Based Spelling Society, picketed outside the venue, demanding rationalization of English spellings.

Their main demand is to simplify English spelling to sound of the word. The biggest pitfall in this sort of improvement in English orthography is English language is pronounced in hundred ways by different people. This will again give raise to a set of rules for spellings, the whole process may not become very different from what it is now. If the change is only for the sake of change, it will not be very popular.

An overhaul of English spelling would be not without its pitfalls. Even if you could get every printer, publishing house, signmaker, and blogger to agree on a new system, there would still be the problem of those who have learned only the new system of spelling being unable to read literature printed in the old one.

English is different, let it remain like that.

Niqaab – Arab Culture

June 10, 2010

Universally people find niqaab (the face veil) and the head to toe black garb that usually accompanies it sinister, frightening and repulsive. As it symbolizes Islam, it makes them recoil from Islam.

The full covering of face is originated from Arab culture. As per learned scholars it is not made compulsory in Islam. As the Islam is deep rooted in Arabic culture, the Muslims world over tried to adopt it.

Today, it is taken as a political statement. The women, in the western countries, generally wear it to show their defiance to the authority of Western Civilization in their own backyard.

The muslimahs who advance the conservative views on female affairs, are adamant that they wear niqaab. In fact it is a facet of fundamental Islam, where one want to stick to the stricter aspects of Islam.

Any progressive “think-process” would have definitely scrapped this medieval system. But not Islam, it requires a big push from outside to reform. And the outer world is hesitating.

Death of Free Europe

May 16, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI warned the abortion and gay marriages may bring the human race to the brink.

This message was delivered by the Pope in Fatima, an important pilgrimage centre in Europe for Christians. The message is a clear warning for Europe, mend your ways else loose your characteristic.

His message is very relevant for the Christian Europe. The birth ratio of Christians in Europe is below the sustainable level. The rapid decrease in the birth rate of Christians and increase in population of Muslims in the form of immigration and natural increase will change the demographics of Europe.

The Christian characteristics of Europe is under threat. The changing mind set and liberal abortion and gay marriages will further put pressure on Christian population. And in a democratic setup it is the number that is counted. As the plurality tends towards Islam, the Europe as we know will not exist.

This will be the end of free Europe.


April 4, 2010

Easter is a very important event in the calendar of Christian Church. Its a day representing the resurrection of the Christ, who died for the human kind. To mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Christian community celebrates the Easter festival. The community observes the resurrection of Christ on the third day after he was crucified. To commemorate the day, services were also held on the eve of Easter and continue throughout the night. On the main day, thanksgiving prayers and masses would be held.

Meanwhile, at homes, people organize gatherings and feasts for their loved one. This is a day full of purity which after the forty fasting days and after Good Friday, the day which commemorates the crucifixion of Christ.

Crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection is one of the cornerstones of Christian Church.

Significance of the Easter eggs is that the eggs is a symbol of ‘new life’ and hence they are exchanged to celebrate the new life of Christ.


March 31, 2010

The Catholic Church is going through a test by fire these days. My upbringing says that Church can not do anything wrong. But still there is an undercurrent of feeling that, may be the church is not handling the crisis in a proper way. There is a problem, it is all over the media, and it is not accepted in the right way and no earnest attempt is being made to address that shortcoming.

The media is just trying to trap the church. It is trying to catch the church on wrong foot. And the church is not handling it properly.

The church has served the mankind’s needs for these 2000 years. And it will be useful for the time immemorial. The teaching of the church peace, love and brotherhood is not replicated in any other religion. Catholicism has a beautiful message, has a peaceful way to salvation.

It is sad to know that the infallible has some dents in its armor, needs fixing.

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