Male Guardian

A Saudi woman jailed for disobeying her father has been freed after more than seven months in prison.

Her release came after a concerted campaign by human rights activists inside and outside Saudi Arabia for the King to intervene in the case, which they said was an example of the abuses of the country’s rigid guardian system for women.

Under the system, a Saudi woman must have the permission of her official “mahram” or male guardian – her father, husband, brother or son — for matters such as travel, work and marriage.  In this particular case, the 32-year-old divorced mother, had filed a case asking the court to remove her father as her guardian, saying he had mistreated her and had denied her permission to remarry. She was living in a shelter for women.

The judge instead accused her of being disobedient to her father and sent her to prison.

A powerful member of the Saudi ruling family recommended Badawi be released.

In Saudi Arabia this is, of course, an isolated success. A thousand other cases go unresolved.


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2 Responses to “Male Guardian”

  1. balajikartha Says:

    the best answer that the civilized world has to this is – sell them Billions of Dollars worth of arms!

  2. SimplyLife Says:

    Yes, that way US can keep some sort of tab on Saudi Arabia. Tribal ways die hard, and they are blessed with black gold and are riding on wealth.

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