Easy Profits

The pharmaceutical manufacturers world over are trying to exploit humans’ sexual nature to make their millions. They come out with “morning after pills”, innovative condoms and advertise “emergency contraceptives”. These popularize pleasure without responsiblity. Sexual desire is a very strong emotion in human beings. The control of this emotion is based on the responsibility it brings along with it: family, the toil and muddying ones hands to take care of it.

Instead of encouraging teenagers to live a dignified, preventive, and happy life, pharmaceutical companies prioritize their personal gain. Instead of promoting abstinence and fidelity, they choose to promote condoms and the day-after abortive pill, for they offer “pleasure without consequences”. In general, abstinence and fidelity are too often rejected among teenagers, because they take sacrifice and discipline; principles that are refused, because they are usually difficult to practice.

In some way it is like encouraging terrorism, because both feed the raw instincts of human nature. They do not lead into a path of discipline and self control.

Rejecting these trappings is the need of the day.



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