A court in Saudi Arabia refused permission to a 43 year old lady doctor to marry her colleague, because her parents opposition.

The woman had sought the court’s help to marry a doctor in the hospital where she worked, saying her father and brothers were against the union because of tribal incompatibility. Her lawyer said the judge had blinded himself to the woman’s plight and wishes while he cited passages from the Qur’an to back his own judgment.

But the judge accused her of being disobedient to her father and ordered her to return home. She has been living in a women’s shelter for two years, and says she faces abuse from her father at his home.

“I have been prevented from marrying for 10 years now, and my case has been in the Medina court for five years, I will turn 43 in a few months. I don’t have many years left to build a family and have children.”

But that is life in a tribal society.


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4 Responses to “Permission”

  1. balajikartha Says:

    Good heavens! That truly is “tribal” (and uncivilized) law! And the fact that the US supports this society is the reason for most of ills of this world.

    This good (poor) lady could run away from there, but her personal triumph would not help the nation as a whole. I would want the spot light of the world media to shine on her – and support her – with full force so that her plight (fight) could help change that society and help many unknown faceless girls and women there.

    • SimplyLife Says:

      BalajiKartha, You have noble intentions.
      She can not travel outside Saudi Arabia without a male blood related chaperon. She will be stopped at the airport.
      But it is pathetic, for women under these tribal/Sharia laws.

  2. balajikartha Says:

    but is there nothing that we can do?! are you in touch with her? can you at least convey to her that there are people in this world you are on her side? can we let her know that rationality and morality is on her side?

    she must be so depressed and afraid and lonely!

  3. SimplyLife Says:

    Human Rights Orgn is strong in Saudi Arabia, if you are involved, you can explore the possibilities through them.

    You can Tweet this Blog thro’ Twitter and Like – FaceBook and get your frnds involved.

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