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Brutal Control

October 30, 2010

China’s “one family – one child” policy results in 13 million abortions every year. Many of these abortions take place under the pressure from authorities. Demographic restrictions are still in effect in China despite the country’s impressive economic growth: family couples are still legally prohibited from having more than one child.

Violating the demographic law stipulates serious penalties in China: a fine of up to $40,000, dismissal from work and confiscation of property. Women can even be sterilized, if they become pregnant repeatedly.

Thirteen million abortions a year is a terrifying number, although many independent medical experts say that the real state of affairs in China is even more shocking. According to the World Health Organization, every 1,000 Chinese females aged from 15 to 44 make 24 abortions on average. In 2003, there were 42 million abortions conducted in the world, and 9 million of them were performed in China.

Its very heart breaking to see so many lives are simply extinguished before they see the light.

At what cost progress?

There are ways to attain goals without committing murders.


Male Guardian

October 27, 2010

A Saudi woman jailed for disobeying her father has been freed after more than seven months in prison.

Her release came after a concerted campaign by human rights activists inside and outside Saudi Arabia for the King to intervene in the case, which they said was an example of the abuses of the country’s rigid guardian system for women.

Under the system, a Saudi woman must have the permission of her official “mahram” or male guardian – her father, husband, brother or son — for matters such as travel, work and marriage.  In this particular case, the 32-year-old divorced mother, had filed a case asking the court to remove her father as her guardian, saying he had mistreated her and had denied her permission to remarry. She was living in a shelter for women.

The judge instead accused her of being disobedient to her father and sent her to prison.

A powerful member of the Saudi ruling family recommended Badawi be released.

In Saudi Arabia this is, of course, an isolated success. A thousand other cases go unresolved.

Easy Profits

October 24, 2010

The pharmaceutical manufacturers world over are trying to exploit humans’ sexual nature to make their millions. They come out with “morning after pills”, innovative condoms and advertise “emergency contraceptives”. These popularize pleasure without responsiblity. Sexual desire is a very strong emotion in human beings. The control of this emotion is based on the responsibility it brings along with it: family, the toil and muddying ones hands to take care of it.

Instead of encouraging teenagers to live a dignified, preventive, and happy life, pharmaceutical companies prioritize their personal gain. Instead of promoting abstinence and fidelity, they choose to promote condoms and the day-after abortive pill, for they offer “pleasure without consequences”. In general, abstinence and fidelity are too often rejected among teenagers, because they take sacrifice and discipline; principles that are refused, because they are usually difficult to practice.

In some way it is like encouraging terrorism, because both feed the raw instincts of human nature. They do not lead into a path of discipline and self control.

Rejecting these trappings is the need of the day.

Marrying a Rapist

October 22, 2010

The erstwhile Chief Justice of India ruled this March that “A woman should be allowed to have a baby out of rape and/or marry the man and drop the rape charge if SHE SO WISHES.”

There are two things involved here. First is punishment to a crime, second helping the wronged to lead a normal life.

Discussing the punishment for a crime: what is suggested?  Is marrying with the girl he raped is punishment enough for a rapist? Is a rapist fit to marry the girl? This may encourage criminals to rape someone they like to marry but beyond them.

Will the Indian society help the victim to lead a normal life?  The stigma on the girl is so cruel in Indian Society, that she may not find a man to marry her.  So she may be encouraged, willing to marry the man who committed that heinous crime against her. Psychological wreck that she is, will she ever recover without good counselling?

Pathetic. But it is simply life.

Dogs Life

October 19, 2010

A teacher at an engineering college in Karjat, near Mumbai, India, who sold answer sheets to students and let them write exams at his house, was busted by his wife when she approached the local police with documents and shocking details of his “answer-sheets-for-cash” scam.

Husband and wife knew each other from their collage days and grew up together. They married on 14th of July this year. But she was shocked to see her husband in this crooked, fraudulent activity and opposed it vehemently. But the husband had no intention of stopping it.

She refused to accept the money thus earned and was physically handled by her husband for this. That’s when she decided to go to the police and leave him.

Husband and wife had opposing view points, and society got rid of a very dangerous, corrupt activity.

“My father is also a government servant and never took a single penny in bribe. My conscience just did not allow me to be a mute spectator” this is all she wanted to say.


October 19, 2010

A court in Saudi Arabia refused permission to a 43 year old lady doctor to marry her colleague, because her parents opposition.

The woman had sought the court’s help to marry a doctor in the hospital where she worked, saying her father and brothers were against the union because of tribal incompatibility. Her lawyer said the judge had blinded himself to the woman’s plight and wishes while he cited passages from the Qur’an to back his own judgment.

But the judge accused her of being disobedient to her father and ordered her to return home. She has been living in a women’s shelter for two years, and says she faces abuse from her father at his home.

“I have been prevented from marrying for 10 years now, and my case has been in the Medina court for five years, I will turn 43 in a few months. I don’t have many years left to build a family and have children.”

But that is life in a tribal society.

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