Enuf is Enuf, Enough is too much

During the recent National Spelling Bee contest, demonstrators from the American Literacy Council and the London Based Spelling Society, picketed outside the venue, demanding rationalization of English spellings.

Their main demand is to simplify English spelling to sound of the word. The biggest pitfall in this sort of improvement in English orthography is English language is pronounced in hundred ways by different people. This will again give raise to a set of rules for spellings, the whole process may not become very different from what it is now. If the change is only for the sake of change, it will not be very popular.

An overhaul of English spelling would be not without its pitfalls. Even if you could get every printer, publishing house, signmaker, and blogger to agree on a new system, there would still be the problem of those who have learned only the new system of spelling being unable to read literature printed in the old one.

English is different, let it remain like that.


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