The Catholic Church is going through a test by fire these days. My upbringing says that Church can not do anything wrong. But still there is an undercurrent of feeling that, may be the church is not handling the crisis in a proper way. There is a problem, it is all over the media, and it is not accepted in the right way and no earnest attempt is being made to address that shortcoming.

The media is just trying to trap the church. It is trying to catch the church on wrong foot. And the church is not handling it properly.

The church has served the mankind’s needs for these 2000 years. And it will be useful for the time immemorial. The teaching of the church peace, love and brotherhood is not replicated in any other religion. Catholicism has a beautiful message, has a peaceful way to salvation.

It is sad to know that the infallible has some dents in its armor, needs fixing.



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