Time and again the history of the mankind has proved that nature is the strongest. Nothing, absolutely nothing that man can do can prevent the nature from following its will. Man cannot not even predict what the nature will do next. Will man ever see this? Will man ever accept his defeat? I hope and trust not. The survival of man depends on this.

Haiti is devastated today. Yesterday it was in the back yard of America. And the previous day it was in Indonesia. The nature has struck against humans again and again. But the beauty of humanity is it has melted its heart in kindness and extended its hands for the people who were so unlucky to face the natures fury.

America has risen to the occasion and helped and is helping its neighbors. That is the heart of America. America has always helped the needy and the downtrodden. This image of America the world has to see and admire. Though a few countries with blinds on see it differently, and fly the planes against it.


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