Allah- the word

Allah-word the world accepts as a translation for word God, has brought miseries to Christians of Malaysia. In Malaysia, around nine churches were subjected to fire bombs damaging four of them extensively. The Muslims are angry that a court has allowed Christians to use word Allah to denote God.

In the middle-east where these both religions took roots, the word Allah infuses virtually every salutation, greeting and condolence, spoken upon departure and arrival, and at birth and death. Inshallah, God willing, everyone says about everything let it be a piece of work that has to be done, to a simple occurrence in day to day life. The same goes for In Allah rad, if God wills it or khair Allah, or Allah Fawk. Middle-east, as we know, is not well known for tolerance. In spite of underlying conflicts of religion, this sort of friction over a word has not taken place, yet.

To them a shared God, the God of Abraham, has a shared name, Allah.



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