Snail Mail

Mother Teresa, the most kind hearted person the world known in recent past, has been honored by the US Postal department by releasing a postal stamp with her picture.  It is a heartwarming gesture. She is the most popular among the US Christians, particularly the Catholics.

In this era of email and social networks, the mailing stamp may not carry the same weight as it used to have a decade ago, but it is definitely something. The stamp will be released in March 2010. Those who will choose to fix this stamp on their envelopes will send a small message of peace with their other content.  The news says a portrait of Mother Teresa painted by artist Tomas Blackshear to be used.

The habit of hand written letters is dieing. It is more than routine today to write letters and post them through snail-mail. Younger generation prefers a fast paced life. It depends on internet for communication. It likes speed.


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