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January 16, 2010

Time and again the history of the mankind has proved that nature is the strongest. Nothing, absolutely nothing that man can do can prevent the nature from following its will. Man cannot not even predict what the nature will do next. Will man ever see this? Will man ever accept his defeat? I hope and trust not. The survival of man depends on this.

Haiti is devastated today. Yesterday it was in the back yard of America. And the previous day it was in Indonesia. The nature has struck against humans again and again. But the beauty of humanity is it has melted its heart in kindness and extended its hands for the people who were so unlucky to face the natures fury.

America has risen to the occasion and helped and is helping its neighbors. That is the heart of America. America has always helped the needy and the downtrodden. This image of America the world has to see and admire. Though a few countries with blinds on see it differently, and fly the planes against it.



January 13, 2010

Distant lands always beckoned the hungry trying to find a better life. In the recent past, Arabian Gulf has been an attraction for the people from all over the world. Generally, lowest of low jobs are offered to the workers from the Indian subcontinent. The salaries are low and living conditions horrible for these workers.

Habib Hussain was one such brave heart, who ventured out to realize his dreams. He reached Saudi Arabia in pursuit of happiness, but now he says he was duped by unscrupulous agents who forced him to work without pay.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst Human Rights records. Its history is replete with stories of extreme ill treatment of foreign workers. Maids committing suicide, trying to jump from higher floors to avoid ill treatment by their employers, on the other side there were cases of amputation by the employers for deficiency in quality of work.

But Habib, to escape from “bonded slavery” hid in the plane’s toilet, ticketless and flew to freedom.

Allah- the word

January 12, 2010

Allah-word the world accepts as a translation for word God, has brought miseries to Christians of Malaysia. In Malaysia, around nine churches were subjected to fire bombs damaging four of them extensively. The Muslims are angry that a court has allowed Christians to use word Allah to denote God.

In the middle-east where these both religions took roots, the word Allah infuses virtually every salutation, greeting and condolence, spoken upon departure and arrival, and at birth and death. Inshallah, God willing, everyone says about everything let it be a piece of work that has to be done, to a simple occurrence in day to day life. The same goes for In Allah rad, if God wills it or khair Allah, or Allah Fawk. Middle-east, as we know, is not well known for tolerance. In spite of underlying conflicts of religion, this sort of friction over a word has not taken place, yet.

To them a shared God, the God of Abraham, has a shared name, Allah.


January 7, 2010

Twitter, a magic wand on the internet. It is a method to decimate what you are thinking or about the things you are involved with to your followers. It is just a ‘now’ technology. It is valid for the moment. If that magic moment is passed the value of that information ceases its importance. Twitter asks you to broadcast “What is happening?”. That is simply put ‘what is your micro action?’. Till a few days ago Twitter’s tag line was “What are you doing?.

The information that you broadcast on twitter may not be important to the other people. The Tweep is sending out a piece of information that he thinks important to others. Going by this logic it is apparent that Tweeping is for self gratification. It is simply an outlet for ego rides. Any other uses of Twitter are a by-products of this.

Notwithstanding what is said about Twitter, it is addictive. It makes you think that you are ‘important’.

Snail Mail

January 3, 2010

Mother Teresa, the most kind hearted person the world known in recent past, has been honored by the US Postal department by releasing a postal stamp with her picture.  It is a heartwarming gesture. She is the most popular among the US Christians, particularly the Catholics.

In this era of email and social networks, the mailing stamp may not carry the same weight as it used to have a decade ago, but it is definitely something. The stamp will be released in March 2010. Those who will choose to fix this stamp on their envelopes will send a small message of peace with their other content.  The news says a portrait of Mother Teresa painted by artist Tomas Blackshear to be used.

The habit of hand written letters is dieing. It is more than routine today to write letters and post them through snail-mail. Younger generation prefers a fast paced life. It depends on internet for communication. It likes speed.

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