Indecent Pants


Lubna Ahmed Al Hussein is out from jail. She had already declared she will not pay a fine, but is willing to go to jail. The courts on appeal came down from lashes to fine. But Lubna did not appeal against the fine. What this episode accomplished? is a big question mark.

In any country, people have to observe a certain dress code. This depends on the society, in which one is living. In some countries full coverage like burkha for women is compulsory. In Saudi Arabia, a staunch supporter of American initiative against terrorism, women have to wear burkha in public.

Sudan, a society molded under the Islamic teachings, insists on the women to dress as it is taught in Islamic scriptures. Even Lubna came to the court wearing a traditional Sudanese scarf.  This only shows, no one can escape their upbringing.

In Muslim world, nothing changes unless the Islam changes. Islam changes only when interpretation, modification and liberalization of Quranic teachings  are accepted at large.


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