Human beings are programed by evolution to believe in some super being, because it gives them a better chance at survival, researchers have claimed. This conclusion was arrived at by Bruce Hood, professor of developmental psychology at Bristol University after an extensive study as quoted by the Times.

He further states “Our research shows children have a natural, intuitive way of reasoning that leads them to all kinds of supernatural beliefs about how the world works”.  His work is also supported by other researchers who have found evidence linking religious feelings and experience to particular regions of the brain.  They suggest people are programed to get a feeling of spirituality from electrical activity in these regions.

It is really a victory for propagators of organized religions.   The faith in God is an inborn, intuitive feeling to humans and it is not a forced tendency. The idea of “God” is etched in the psyche of humans, and it gives them an sense of “belonging”, that spurs them to live on.



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