Obama has embraced education to increase national competitiveness. He, being brought up in difficult situations has understood the value of education in furthering ones ambitions.  His speech to high school students this Tuesday centred around- put in your full efforts in studies for your and national benefit.

In his speech, Obama noted how lucky he was to have a mother who valued education. Though he couldn’t afford the nicest schools when growing up abroad, Obama said his mother pushed him to put in additional efforts.

Obama also talked about staying in school in order to pursue higher paying and more rewarding careers.

But the life has changed.  Researchers studying how to improve graduation rates at public colleges and universities have come up with a surprising and counter-intuitive finding: Many students may fail to complete a bachelor’s degree not because the work is too hard — but because they’re not challenged enough.

USA Today reports ( that many students do not graduate because they are not challenged enough!!!!.



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