Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya has been pulled on the rug more harshly than any other athlete.  It is a gender storm that rakes up all sorts of dirt. There is no systematic, civilized approach to get proper answer. But whole thing looks as if authority is out to get an innocent.

Sex tests were carried out on 800m champion runner before her Berlin gold medal win. This should have satisfied the world. If these tests were not enough to satisfy the curiosity, the very reputation of Berlin organizers is in doubt.  She has reached a stage where these primary doubts should have been cleared long back. Why all these athletic associations and federations accepted her as a female and allowed her to compete as one?

Furious South Africans have accused the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) of everything from racism to imperialism for ordering the test after her rapid improvement over the last year raised its suspicions.

Meanwhile, Caster has modeled, she has been put on the front page as a model by a South African paper, and she liked the lime-light of modeling.



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