There is a lots of heartburn in the Etherworld today.  Some is genuine, some just superficial.  But there is lots of disappointment.  The news is out -FriendFeed is selling itself to FaceBook.  It just does not make any sense.  People in general of the opinion that they were rivals, though the services differ slightly in their approach to gather their clientele.  In fact I enjoyed FriendFeed better than FaceBook.

Now, if the history is recanted,  the founders were a bunch of zealots. The guys were out of Google,  for the sake of money?  I do not think so.  But did they get it?

Louis Gray and Robert Scoble were part of its success story. FriendFeed was a successful service, I do not know how they could have monetized that idea, but it was a successful idea to gather a large followers.  But it went out with a loud bang.  It deserved it.

Anyway, everyone has a stomach and we can see the results.  Even the mighty will succumb.


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