Oh, it is twenty fifth birthday for Tetris. I think, there is hardly any computer geek who put his hand on computer key board has not played Tetris. It is a fascinating game to while away time. It was a game to be played when one is down and needed some fresh air in office. It was a game played on a game player while travelling. It was everywhere.  It was an addictive game, still it used to give some satisfaction of building something rather than destroying.

It was a game invented by a Russian, and steadily, the game worked its way around the world. Millions of people found themselves glued to their computers and game players – hearts racing and screaming in frustration – all over getting a simple horizontal line of digital squares to disappear.

Fun was, there was no winning target. One just went on playing, till he decided to stop. Yes, it was fun.

I do not play it anymore.



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