Moral Dilemma

President Obama restored fully the State funding for embryonic stem cell research. It is an about turn to the policy followed by Bush Administration.

Nations do not drastically change policy in moral ideologies or foreign relations at change in Government. But this case begs to differ.

The potential for stem cell research is so amazing; it may boil down to life and death or ability to live without suffering an incurable disease. It is perceived as the future of medical science.

But at the same time if cures are made from the bodies of unborn children, it will create a market for aborted fetus material. An embryo at any stage is a life. Its cells will naturally divide, this makes it alive. Therefore, it is like cannibalize policy followed by developing countries when they are constrained to find spares for their machinery.

Useful discoveries have also been made from adult stem cells, i.e. those that do not require destruction of embryos. But the scientific fraternity thinks it is a dead end.

Is it a dead end?



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