Lebanon Votes

Lebanon votes on Sunday.

Though it is a Parliamentary democracy, it has adopted a system called confessionalism. A unique system in the world, where it tries to minimize sectarian conflict by giving fair representation to all the recognized religious groups in governance.

Historically, Lebanon was part of Ottoman empire, after the World War I it was given to France. It attained independence in 1943. And the Christian majority was able to garner major power in the Government. Under the system the President is to be a Christian, Prime Ministership is given to Sunni Muslims and Speaker of the Parliament is to be a Druze/Shia Muslim, deputy speaker to be a Greek Orthodox.

But demography of the nation started changing after independence. The birth rate of poor muslims increased exponentially. The poorer Muslim population increased faster than the richer Christians. This gave raise to dissatisfaction with the government structure and sectarian rifts increased, eventually leading to Taif, Saudi Arabia agreement in 1990 where the power of Christian president was drastically reduced and Muslim Prime Minister became the power centre.



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