Muslim World

The speech by Barak Obama in Cairo University to the Muslim world is hailed as historic. But a speech by the head of a nation that stands for equality, democracy, freedom and peace, and is perceived as a wall against Islamic extremism is hollow by its purpose. What possibly could Obama achieve by quoting from Quran, to a people who recite it everyday?

America is great Satan. It needs to be destroyed.

United States of America is a country that welcomes people from all religions and nations, including Muslims. It acts and pursues happiness as all the other countries in the world do. It does not persecute a particular religion, nor it favors. It acts in self interest. If, today it fights against Muslim majority countries it is in self interest, tomorrow it may fight against the countries of other religions. It pursued a cold war for decades against Russia, that has Orthodox Christianity as its majority religion.

Are we fighting a religion? Or an enemy  that is against our ideals.



4 Responses to “Muslim World”

  1. jonolan Says:

    “Are we fighting a religion? Or an enemy that is against our ideals.”

    Essentially, at a pragmatic level, they are the same thing. Islam, steeped in Arab and Persian cultures, has codified as a religion a set of ideals that are inimical to those of America and Free World.

    We are faced with two choices: Dar al-Islam (The World of Submission to Allah) and Dar al-Hurriyya (The World f Liberty), which Muslims call Dar al-Harb (The World of War)

    it should always be remembered that the Muslim call non-Islamic areas Dar al-Harb (World of War) as opposed to Dar al-Fitnah (World of Strife). It shows a certain mindset on their part.

  2. silence Says:

  3. Captain America Says:

    You are an idiot

  4. SimplyLife Says:

    That is rather naive of you. Spell out.

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