Tiananmen Square – there is nothing which commemorates the deaths of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in June 1989, the massacre which brought a brutal end to many weeks of demonstrations.

What was achieved by the hundreds of students who gave their life away? Nothing is changed, people have almost forgotten the days of Tiananmen. Popular China is busy in the economic development, it has moved on. For a moment the Communist Party of China shook a bit, but it steadied itself to its course.

Western world, tries to remind China that there was a tremor, there was a popular anger twenty years ago. The anger similar, or more fiercer than the anger against the Gang of Four. But China looks the other way. May be, may be there is wetness in the eyes, but hardly any acknowledgment, a bad dream better forgotten.

The people asked for justice and more freedom. They were given a developing China.



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