Ones signature represents his pride. Signature is taken as a seal of approval of the person. But it also exhibits the person. It is said that the character of a person can be gauged by looking at his signature. It generally caters to the exhibitionist tendencies of the person. He tries to show as much of himself as possible.

We affix the signature to authenticate something, to declare to the world that we approve that bears our signature. At the same time we are asking the world to approve us.

Now we have the means to approve electronically all Official Electronic Communications, that apart, we generally sign off emails, and other personal communications in a flourish. Generally we put name, title, company name and then there is a tendency to attach interesting jokes, quotes and other colorful items. This exhibits the character of the person. He is trying to tell something more than what contains in the main message, in his sign-off.

The signature is our most common personal billboard.



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