Memorial Day

The day to remember and honor those who gave up their right to live so that so many others could continue to enjoy life, security and peace. Memorial day is for the fallen soldier, who thought it fit to die for his ideals, for his family, friends and country. Our hearts bleed for him.

It all started to remember the Union Soldiers of 1861-65 war. The soldiers who submitted their will to equality and freedom for all. It was observed on the 30th May every year. But today, when we fight a more deadlier war on two theaters, Iraq and Afghanistan, it should be observed more earnestly.

But alas, since 1971,  for the sake of a long week-end it is observed on the last Monday of May. It is not wrong to have a long week-end, but it takes away that something, which makes it ‘different’.  There is something missing in this sort of sentiments.

It fails to evoke sentiments befitting the solemnity of a day to mourn the supreme sacrifice of our heroes.



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