Gay Marriage

Marriage is a social sanction to propagate the human race. Marriage sanctions the rights and obligations of the partners, by which the family can function, raise responsible adults and carry out the divine will. Society is a bunch of people, loosely knit, binding by some rules so social-world can revolve. If we look at the origins of marriage it is developed by the society as an institution to legalize the relations between a man and his wife so that they can come together to live and raise a family. The central theme of marriage is raising a family. Procreation.

Logical reasons can not be given while arguing for marriage among the gays. The main reason for marriage is procreation, then question of gay marriage does not arise at all. Gays will have rights and they may have some unique problems that modern society has to acknowledge and provide for, but relationship between two gays can be anything but a marriage.



7 Responses to “Gay Marriage”

  1. meandmia Says:

    so, with that argument, infertile and elderly couples who cannot conceive should also be denied marriage, and the thousands of tax, legal and social benefits that goes along with it.
    why do you care who two consenting adults love? how does it affect you?

  2. SimplyLife Says:

    I have no objections to love, only against marriage. They have problems, and if they want they can have relationship, if it is utterly impossible for them to be without. Any commercial relationship.

  3. meandmia Says:

    “I have no objections to love, only against marriage.”


    “They have problems”

    that’s subjective, unless you can find an unbiased study that says homosexuality is a “problem”.

  4. SimplyLife Says:

    Contract and marriage is at par? or is it two different things?

    If anything done against the will of ‘nature’ is a problem. For me, if there is no procreation, there is a full stop for ‘human-kind’.
    Homosexuality is tolerated, not accepted. What is the outcome of homosexuality, sexual gratification, there is no intention or possibility of procreation.

    • meandmia Says:

      i don’t understand your first question.
      homosexuality doesn’t go against nature. there are thousands of animals (in NATURE) that practice homosexuality. everyone isn’t suddenly going to become gay and stop procreating, it’s only a small part of the whole. for all we know, it could be a way of population control.
      you act as if love has nothing to do with relationships, and it is all solely based on procreation. that might have been true a few hundred years ago, but it’s not today. so, the outcome of homosexuality is a loving relationship, along with sex, just as it is with heterosexual relationships.
      why should homosexuality only be tolerated?

  5. Oneness365247 Says:

    God created a male and female in the beginning. Case closed!!!

  6. SimplyLife Says:

    Oneness: Fully agree with you. If the Creator has decreed like that, it should remain. Secondly, marriage is a social sanction for procreation.

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