Life after Death

LTTE is dead. One of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world, found its match in Sri Lankan army and it was smithered into ashes. LTTE fought with the government for Tamilian’s socalled equality and dignity. In this process it became one of the most hated organizationsin the world. Finally, it was left with no freinds. Only a cause and few sympathisers.

Along with the thousands of lives that LTTE claimed, two will always be remembered.  One is of President Ramadasa and other Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Both fell for suicide killers of LTTE. Both were involved in solving the Tamil problem.

The path that LTTE was treading is not relevant today. Instead of negotiating and finding a political solution it tried to muscle-in a government. The government after fighting with its back against the wall for 25 years, came down very heavily.  And then there was destruction.

Now what happens to legitimate grievances of Tamilians in Sri Lanka? Will it die down or will it give raise to another form of LTTE? Depends on Sri Lankan government.



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