Social Security

America faces a terrible future. As the economic prospects are spiraling downwards the structure of social security is collapsing. The recent reports say that Social Security will run out of funds in 2037 and Medicare in 2017. This is barely a few years away from now. The future looks bleak. The fundamental security that is offered by the market economy states is threatened by this economic monster.

If the Government does not take stringent and enough measures to arrest these trends now, the life may not be the same for many when they forced to depend on social security. As it is Medicare is under strain. It may end an era of secure America.

A large part of the world looks at America as a rich, contended country and American way of life is ideal. America is El Dorado, a near heaven.

But recent developments give a body blow to America, and collapse of that dream house can even be visualized.

The heart is sad, and bleeding.



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