Seven Pounds

Haarshal Barot, a 8 year old girl, used to pop a whopping 60 pills daily to control her blood pressure. This Ahmedabad city resident in India had suffered kidney failure and undergoing painful dialysis to keep herself alive. Her countdown with life had started and doctors had lost hopes of her survival.

On Friday, last week, the family of Pankaj Shah agreed to donate a kidney to Haarshal so that she can get a fresh lease of life. Shah was brain dead and was in ICU.

“Harshal has fought very bravely. We are so glad we have got our daughter back,” said Paresh, Haarshal’s father who met Shah’s family at the hospital on Friday.

Second kidney was donated to a 37 year old mother, and the eyes were donated so another two people can get sight.

These donations are significant in traditional India where removing organs or any other body parts before cremation is not taken kindly.  The laws are stringent, and very few people come forward voluntarily to donate organs. But the list of people waiting for organ donations is lengthy and eager.



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