Real Time

We are “existing” in a fast and furious world. Communication is becoming real time with mobiles and now increasingly through microblogging.  Microblogging has become a trend to convey messages. More and more people are using it to disseminate information within groups.

The Web has altered how we as a society consume information. Not only has Internet communication made information more accessible, but social media has made it easier to create. And with innovations like microblogging, we are reaching a point where the flow of information has become so heavy that the only way to keep track of it is via real-time web tools.

Even with the lowest level of internet user information overwhelm has become a trend. We can only read and listen to so much at a time. It is pertinent to filter out the information so only the most important stuff reaches us. Now is the time to build a wall around us to keep out information that we do not care about.



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