Death by Drones

The use of drones by US military in the Pakistani mountains has angered the populace of Pakistan. It is almost a cruel act by a war machine. The Pakistani mountain villages that rarely saw a car are now the targets of pilotless drones – a deadly toy in remote controlled war. The pilots are sitting in control rooms located in distant Arizona or Nevada. They are trained on computer games, to have absolutely no conscience or sense of responsibility. Nothing is lost if they make a mistake, except loosing some points in a game. They just push the buttons to release the bombs by Predator and Reaper drones to rain on the targets. The pilots are far removed from the reality on the ground or hardly acquainted with the cultural athos of the people whom they are targeting. The pilots have been asked to participate in a game, just play.

How these pilots can have a normal life after this? However hardly a psychologist tries to help them shake off any feelings of guilt or shame?



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  1. esthertrojan's status on Sunday, 10-May-09 06:33:27 UTC - Says:

    […] A significant point of pilot health on drones. […]

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