Egyptian Flu

Coptic Christians in Egypt is a tortured lot. Persecution of this minority in Muslim Egypt has been going on since long. Coptic Christians are about 10% of the Egyptian population, but they are at the end of social pyramid. They are poor of the poorest and mostly live in slums and eke out a precarious living. Torture and forceful conversion, interference in their religious rights is a day to day occurrence. But they are a spirited lot facing a powerful, numerous adversity.

Swine flu that is plaguing the world has come as another curse to these people. Pigs are farmed and pork is used by the christians in Egypt, but Muslims are forbidden to consume pork by their religion. Now, taking excuse of swine flu the Government is forcing these people to kill pigs. For many of the Christians pig farming is their only means of survival. If they are not adequately compensated, or properly nutured there will be a catastrouphe. These proud, ancient people will suffer much.



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