Minor Divorce

The divorce of an eight year old girl married to a man in his fifties in Saudi Arabia made headlines in newspapers in recent times. It is a real tragedy that the marriage was considered legal in modern times. The marriage that took place according to some tribal sanctions of 7th century can not be held as legal. The times have changed, the customs and thinking is modern and does not permit minors to get into wedlocks. Therefore, the marriage should have been declared null and void: that it did not take place at all. That would have given the society that is enscloved in 7th century a jolt and bring them into reality. But that did not happen.

These matters should be taken up by NGO’s working in Child betterment field. In all over the world these organizations are trying to educate people about the benefits of sending the children to school and making them responsible citizens. These NGO’s should focus their attention to these closed Societies in the middle east.



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