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May 30, 2009

The fairer sex may have all but abandoned the struggle for equality, shows a British Research Survey. The research suggests that men always preferred a traditional wife and modern women is only happy to oblige.

The women are eschewing the sexual revolution plank of feminism in favor of more traditional values. The Survey suggested that women desire a “retro-sexual” man, who are more hunter-gatherer than a “metro-sexual” stay at home man.

It found that women are increasingly reluctant to opt for a career because they feel “looking after their family or home” was more important.

“A lot of women used to think they wanted a metro-sexual man. But then they realized they were fed up with a man who spent longer in the bathroom than they did” quotes Mail-on-line from the Survey. “Many women now feel they actually want a hunter-gatherer and they will look after their man in return” it stresses.

Really times are changing, may be it will be better for men.



May 30, 2009

Ones signature represents his pride. Signature is taken as a seal of approval of the person. But it also exhibits the person. It is said that the character of a person can be gauged by looking at his signature. It generally caters to the exhibitionist tendencies of the person. He tries to show as much of himself as possible.

We affix the signature to authenticate something, to declare to the world that we approve that bears our signature. At the same time we are asking the world to approve us.

Now we have the means to approve electronically all Official Electronic Communications, that apart, we generally sign off emails, and other personal communications in a flourish. Generally we put name, title, company name and then there is a tendency to attach interesting jokes, quotes and other colorful items. This exhibits the character of the person. He is trying to tell something more than what contains in the main message, in his sign-off.

The signature is our most common personal billboard.

Memorial Day

May 25, 2009

The day to remember and honor those who gave up their right to live so that so many others could continue to enjoy life, security and peace. Memorial day is for the fallen soldier, who thought it fit to die for his ideals, for his family, friends and country. Our hearts bleed for him.

It all started to remember the Union Soldiers of 1861-65 war. The soldiers who submitted their will to equality and freedom for all. It was observed on the 30th May every year. But today, when we fight a more deadlier war on two theaters, Iraq and Afghanistan, it should be observed more earnestly.

But alas, since 1971,  for the sake of a long week-end it is observed on the last Monday of May. It is not wrong to have a long week-end, but it takes away that something, which makes it ‘different’.  There is something missing in this sort of sentiments.

It fails to evoke sentiments befitting the solemnity of a day to mourn the supreme sacrifice of our heroes.

Gay Marriage

May 21, 2009

Marriage is a social sanction to propagate the human race. Marriage sanctions the rights and obligations of the partners, by which the family can function, raise responsible adults and carry out the divine will. Society is a bunch of people, loosely knit, binding by some rules so social-world can revolve. If we look at the origins of marriage it is developed by the society as an institution to legalize the relations between a man and his wife so that they can come together to live and raise a family. The central theme of marriage is raising a family. Procreation.

Logical reasons can not be given while arguing for marriage among the gays. The main reason for marriage is procreation, then question of gay marriage does not arise at all. Gays will have rights and they may have some unique problems that modern society has to acknowledge and provide for, but relationship between two gays can be anything but a marriage.

Life after Death

May 20, 2009

LTTE is dead. One of the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world, found its match in Sri Lankan army and it was smithered into ashes. LTTE fought with the government for Tamilian’s socalled equality and dignity. In this process it became one of the most hated organizationsin the world. Finally, it was left with no freinds. Only a cause and few sympathisers.

Along with the thousands of lives that LTTE claimed, two will always be remembered.  One is of President Ramadasa and other Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Both fell for suicide killers of LTTE. Both were involved in solving the Tamil problem.

The path that LTTE was treading is not relevant today. Instead of negotiating and finding a political solution it tried to muscle-in a government. The government after fighting with its back against the wall for 25 years, came down very heavily.  And then there was destruction.

Now what happens to legitimate grievances of Tamilians in Sri Lanka? Will it die down or will it give raise to another form of LTTE? Depends on Sri Lankan government.


May 15, 2009

popeagcaLife takes strange turns. Its unpredictable. Life is glorious. We all know it. Here is one more example.

The gunman who shot Pope John Paul II says he would like to convert to Christianity at a baptism ceremony after his release from prison in January, 2010. He is so remorseful of his actions that he wants to visit the grave of the man whom he tried to kill.

Mehmet Ali Agca shot and seriously wounded John Paul on May 13, 1981. The late pope met with Agca in a prison in 1983 and forgave him for the shooting.

Agca is currently serving a prison term in Turkey and is due to be released on January 18, 2010.

The man was converted by Pope John Paul II, when he met him. I distinctly remember the picture splashed by the newspapers in 1983, Agca meeting the Pope, repentant, as if he is in a confessional. It does not take a lot to turn away from the bad ways in life.

Social Security

May 14, 2009

America faces a terrible future. As the economic prospects are spiraling downwards the structure of social security is collapsing. The recent reports say that Social Security will run out of funds in 2037 and Medicare in 2017. This is barely a few years away from now. The future looks bleak. The fundamental security that is offered by the market economy states is threatened by this economic monster.

If the Government does not take stringent and enough measures to arrest these trends now, the life may not be the same for many when they forced to depend on social security. As it is Medicare is under strain. It may end an era of secure America.

A large part of the world looks at America as a rich, contended country and American way of life is ideal. America is El Dorado, a near heaven.

But recent developments give a body blow to America, and collapse of that dream house can even be visualized.

The heart is sad, and bleeding.

Harnessing Knowledge

May 13, 2009

In today’s competitive world, having knowledge is of little consequence. One should know how to effectively to use the knowledge that he has for his and others benefit. Indeed, accumulation of knowledge is an overwhelming task in today’s world. One up on the others is very difficult. In these days of internet and other progressive ways of knowledge dissemination, everything, or almost everything is available for all those who make some efforts to gain it. It definitely, reduces the value of knowledge per se.

Knowledge is accumulation, analysis,  synthesis and dissemination of information. Accumulation is gathering information from different sources, analysis is breaking that information into different part so that one understands it, synthesis is putting it all back into a cohesive piece of thought, then comes the important part of dissemination of the knowledge for the benefit of all.

Therefore, what makes the imparting of knowledge effective is how you use it to gain from it. An effective person is one, that uses his limited knowledge to get the most out of it.

Fear of Unknown

May 13, 2009

Since time immemorial, man has feared the unknown. This has lead to all sorts of superstitions and occult customs. The fear of unknown has also lead man to be imprisoned in his cell depriving him to explore, and come out of rut of his life. What is holding him in situations that no longer work often is not inertia or procrastination. It’s the power of habitual ways of seeing the world and thinking about events. Until you can let go of those old, worn out habits, they will continue to hold you prisoner. To stay in your comfort zone through mere habit, or to stay there because of irrational fears of what may lie outside, will condemn you to a life of frustration and regret. Think, just go out and explore, mistakes may happen, but you may find a great new world, that suits you better.

There is a marvelous world out there. Go out and explore.

Real Time

May 11, 2009

We are “existing” in a fast and furious world. Communication is becoming real time with mobiles and now increasingly through microblogging.  Microblogging has become a trend to convey messages. More and more people are using it to disseminate information within groups.

The Web has altered how we as a society consume information. Not only has Internet communication made information more accessible, but social media has made it easier to create. And with innovations like microblogging, we are reaching a point where the flow of information has become so heavy that the only way to keep track of it is via real-time web tools.

Even with the lowest level of internet user information overwhelm has become a trend. We can only read and listen to so much at a time. It is pertinent to filter out the information so only the most important stuff reaches us. Now is the time to build a wall around us to keep out information that we do not care about.

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