Shocking Brutality

Flogging by the Taliban for simple activities of free world is a common knowledge. A couple of days ago it was reported that a girl of 17 in Swat valley of Pakistan was ordered 34 lashes for being seen in public with a male not related to her.

Shocking news is revealed by the man who shot the video that repulsed the world. Shaukat says he shot the video despite the fear of being caught, and reveals a conspiracy to beat up the girl by Taliban.  He elaborates “A boy wanted to marry her but he was from a financially weak family, so he joined the Taliban and planned to defame her. Taliban conspired against her and defamed her by saying she had relations with an electrician”

This is sickening. A word by influencial Taleban commander is enough to change the outcome of a verdict. A corrupt justice system is manipulated to seek vendetta. A true sorry state of affairs in directionless Pakistan.



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