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Indian Pipe

April 27, 2009

The story is a steel mill worker raised hue and cry seeing a stockpile of made in India steel pipes to be used in the Canada-US oil pipeline. That galvanized the whole town to be mobilsed, and rightly so, because the steel mill in this area was closed for more than three months for want of orders.

Now the question is not what is morally right, but in these days of global trade these things happen. Businesses try to maximize thier profits. Use competitive raw materials, cut cost by using efficient labor and employing cutting edge managerial practices. In this process a lot of people get hurt. But during the days of plenty there is a place for being generous, live and let live.

But now is not the time for large heartedness. Slumdogs cannot be given any quarters, without hurting our ‘wellness’. When the jobs are scares and the paypackets are shrinking, we have to look after our own. Protectionism is the key word in developed countries rather than in developing countries.


Recession and God

April 4, 2009

Recession leads the people to God. More and more people are turning to God in these hard times. A recent report in USA Today says that the people flocking to churches of every denomination has increased many folds. Pleas to church for help by unemployed has made pastors even to reach into their own pockets.

A Survey, by LifeWay Reasearch, a Christian polling firm based in Nashville, finds that 40% of pastors say they have church members out of work, and 37% say their church has increased spending to help the needy. Some churches have initiated special ministries to help unemployed.

The Religion is a solace to the people in trouble. It always gave strength to the downtrodden. Religion gives moral strength to face difficulties. Christ has the power to heal, dispense hope, and guide to blissful future. Some researchers trace the religion itself to fear factors. But one thing is sure, at times of difficulties, when one do not know where to turn for help: Religion helps.

Shocking Brutality

April 4, 2009

Flogging by the Taliban for simple activities of free world is a common knowledge. A couple of days ago it was reported that a girl of 17 in Swat valley of Pakistan was ordered 34 lashes for being seen in public with a male not related to her.

Shocking news is revealed by the man who shot the video that repulsed the world. Shaukat says he shot the video despite the fear of being caught, and reveals a conspiracy to beat up the girl by Taliban.  He elaborates “A boy wanted to marry her but he was from a financially weak family, so he joined the Taliban and planned to defame her. Taliban conspired against her and defamed her by saying she had relations with an electrician”

This is sickening. A word by influencial Taleban commander is enough to change the outcome of a verdict. A corrupt justice system is manipulated to seek vendetta. A true sorry state of affairs in directionless Pakistan.

Olympic Torch

April 4, 2009

It is a sad day for the world community. World is rolling under recession, it would have definitely cheered by some festivities, some symbols of universal brotherhood. But the IOC has decided to scrap Olympic torch relays outside the host country ahead of Olympic Games. The decision is based on the chaos created by Tibetan and human right supporters during the relays of Beijing Olympics.

The torch is passed through most of the countries of the world to inspire and to encourage participation by the countries. It is taken as a goodwill uniting the world. The Olympics is a binding force of humanity.

But lately it is used as a protesting tool. Boycott of the games during cold war period, political massacres as in Munich, cold shouldering as in Beijing has diminished the importance of Olympics as an unifier.

Now it is the time that World raises above the divisive forces and unites behind some symbols. But the demise of Olympic Torch relays bellys that hope.

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